November 30, 2009

My Mom's Birthday Cake

My mom is turning 60 on December 10th, and since my entire family was getting together for Thanksgiving, we celebrated her birthday up in Klamath Falls. My mom grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, so I made her a farm themed cake (no, it's not farmville), and she loved it! The bottom tier was apple spice with vanilla filling, and the top tier was triple chocolate with strawberry filling, all frosted in vanilla buttercream and all the animals are handmade out of fondant (so fun to make). Happy Birthday, Mom, you're the best!!!


My family went to KlamathFalls this past weekend for Thanksgiving, and there my Mom decided to celebrate all 7 grandkids birthdays that have happened over this year. So I made 7 cakes for my nieces and nephews, each in the design they wanted. Caleb loves Transformers, Brianna is into Hello Kitty, Erica's favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty, Andrew and Dylan love Star wars, Isaac loves army, and Emily loves princesses, but really Isaac wanted the princess cake the whole time. Happy Birthday to my wonderful nieces and nephews, I love you all so much!!

November 21, 2009

She likes Starbucks

We made a cake for a girls surprise birthday party today. It is vanilla chocolate chip cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream. The Starbucks cup was made out of fondant. Happy Birthday, Gina!!

November 15, 2009

Mickey Mouse

We made this cake for a clients sons first birthday. The cake is vanilla with chocolate cream filling and vanilla buttercream with marshmallow fondant.

November 7, 2009

Course 2 Final

This was the cake I made for my final for Course 2. The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream and handmade royal icing flowers.