July 31, 2011

Cake tastings and apple pie!

I love to meet with brides to talk about their cakes, and I definitely love giving them samples of what they may have at their wedding.  One of the best parts of these little get togethers is that you get to eat cake (or pie), and who doesn't want to eat lots of cake!  For tastings I don't make whole cakes, I make cupcakes in each of the flavors you want to try, and give you bowls of each of the fillings you want to try, that way you can pair cakes with fillings that I may not have done, creating your own wedding cake flavor.  I love doing tastings this way, I feel it makes it more personal, and gives you more choices (you get to choose 4 cake flavors and 4 filing flavors) so you get the cake you want.  
I have a wedding coming up in September that will consist of a small cutting cake and 250+ mini apple pies.  To get a feel of how they would look (and taste, obviously), I made samples for the bride and her family to try and make sure they LOVED them..they did!  Mini apple pies are $2.50 a piece, (minimum of ten ordered), and they are the same size as a regular cupcake, but the edges are fluted to give them even more of a rustic look.  These would be a great option to add to your dessert bar, have as your main dessert , or just to have in your freezer to microwave when you need something sweet, think with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!  Here are some pictures to get your mouth watering!!

July 18, 2011


In the past few weeks we've had quite a few weddings.  The first was a two tier wedding cake with four 10 inch cakes and 100 mini cupcakes for the dessert bar.  Half of the cupcakes were decorated with a buttercream rose, and the other half with burnt orange buttercream dahlias, all hand piped.

The next cake was ivory with chocolate brown ribbon with silk flowers.

Our final cake was decorated with handmade gumpaste flowers, blue ribbon borders and yellow accents.

The last two were for the same weekend, my first double cake weekend.  I'd be willing to do it again, but only if they're in this area.  The first cake was delivered to Concord, and the second to Santa Cruz (both were for childhood friends).  

May 28, 2011

Recent Projects

We've had a few orders since I posted last, so I thought I would just combine them all.

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling

Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Filling
Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling
Gumpaste flowers to match the wedding dress

Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Vanilla Royal Icing

Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling and Chocolate Buttercream.

March 22, 2011

Vanessa's having a baby!!

I got to make the cake for Vanessa's shower this past weekend.  I've known Vanessa since she was born, a year after me, so basically all her life, and was honored to make the cake for her baby shower.  I also made cupcakes, but neglected to get a picture of them (I know someone did).  The theme for the shower was "Feather her Nest," so all the cupcakes were birds nests with three little birds piped in each one.  The cake and the cupcakes were all triple chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  Congratulations Ben and Vanessa, we can't wait to meet little Beckham!

This is Vanessa holding my new little baby girl, Brooklynne!

January 30, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

We had the complete honor and privilege to make the wedding cake for one of my most cherished friends this weekend.  Julie has not only been my dear friend (practically another sister) since I was 3, but she was one of my bridesmaids.  She is one of the most beautifully sweet people I know, and I would have to say that by far, she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!  Congratulations Jordon and Julie Lovell, we couldn't be happier for you both!

The cake was buttermilk vanilla bean with mixed berry cream filling and vanilla buttercream.  All the flowers were made by hand from gumpaste.  This is the first 5 tier cake we've done, but it was in Oregon and I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant.

January 23, 2011

First post of the new year

 So, we've had a pretty slow winter when it comes to cakes, which has been totally fine with me as I am pregnant (3.5 weeks left)!!  This cake was made for a friend of mine who's baby girl, Brenna, is due 2 days before ours.  The cake was apple spice with cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream, and it was delicious!  Congratulations Bobby and Alicia, we can't wait to meet sweet Miss Brenna!!!

December 9, 2010

White Chocolate Lollipop Wedding Favors

We made 250 white chocolate lollipop wedding favors all dusted with luster dust and each individually bagged and tied, ready to be placed at each place setting.  There is 125 Airplane (he's fixing a plane) shaped pops and 125 Paintbrush (she's and artist) shaped pops.  Such a great idea for personalized wedding favors!!  Congratulations Vannessa and Rudy!!


October 24, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Cake

My nephew Andrew turned 6 years old on Friday, and we celebrated yesterday.  He's obsessed with bats right now and wanted a bat cake, not batman, and he wanted carrot cake (turns out, that's what daddy wanted), so that's what he got.  This is a carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream.  The bats are all made from fondant.  Happy Birthday, big guy!  We love you so much!!

October 16, 2010

a cute little owl cake

This is our first fall cake of the season, and I made a cake for my friends 27th birthday this morning.  The cake was pumpkin spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream.  All the decorations were made from fondant, both vanilla and dark chocolate fondant, and the owls were to represent mom, dad and son.  Happy Birthday Giana!!

September 29, 2010

Amy and Dennis's Wedding

We had the opportunity to make the wedding cake for a girl I grew up with.  Their wedding was in Vallejo, CA at The Hiddenbrooke Golf Club.  Everything was milk chocolate cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream, and all the flowers are handmade from gumpaste.  The grooms cake had an image of Zelda and Link on it.  We had a great time doing these cakes, and a great time at their wedding!!  Thanks so much Amy and Dennis for having us be a part of your big day!!

September 20, 2010

Soccer Cake

We made a cake for a friends coworker this past weekend and 100 cupcakes for a wedding.  The cake was red velvet with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream, and the cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla.

August 14, 2010

Katarina's 1st Birthday

My best friends daughter turned 1 today and I got to make her smash cake.  It was a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party and so much fun!  Kat's cake was funfetti with pink vanilla buttercream.  The Minnie hate was made of fondant.  Happy Birthday, Katarina, we love you so much!!

July 31, 2010

A 25th Wedding Anniversary

I made cupcakes for a clients 25th wedding anniversary party today.  They were Triple chocolate and vanilla velvet with a vanilla velvet with raspberry filling cutting cake.  The cupcakes had silver edible glitter on them, but all in all, we kept everything fairly simple.

July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Brittany!!

Today was Matt's brothers girlfriends birthday, so we made her birthday cake.  The cake was triple chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream with gumpaste flowers.  Happy Birthday Brittany, we're very thankful for you!!

July 17, 2010

Janine and Ken's Wedding

We delivered a cake to Los Gatos this morning (that was a long delivery) for the wedding of a good friend of ours. Janine and Ken's wedding was lovely, despite the heat, and we had a wonderful time. I'm very pleased with how their cake turned out, possibly one of my favorite wedding cakes we've done so far. The bottom tier was Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla cream bavarian cream filling, middle tier was mocha fudge cake with mocha mousse filling, and the top tier was vanilla velvet cake with strawberry filling all frosted with vanilla buttercream. All the flowers are handmade gerbera daisies. Congratulations Ken and Janine Tinsley, we're very happy for you!!

July 15, 2010

it's been a while

From the blog readers point of view, it may seem like I haven't had any orders for a while, but I've just been so busy with work, teaching, and orders that I haven't had a chance to post anything (and I was on vacation too).  We've had a lot of kids cakes these past weeks and they've all been quite cute.  I'm just going to put this out there...the Mickey Mouse cake was made for my nephew and I was at my parents house when I made it which means that I didn't have any of my normal supplies.  Obviously it wasn't the best cake I've made, but it was still quite cute!!

June 19, 2010

Our latest yummy things

In the past two weeks we've had a few orders.  First, last weekend we had wedding dress cookies for a bridal shower: vanilla sugar cookies with vanilla royal icing. This weekend we had two cakes, a small 6" cake for a one year old's birthday party (Vanilla velvet cake with vanilla buttercream), and a three tier for a going away party for a guy that is going into the Air Force (triple chocolate fudge with cookies n' cream filling and vanilla buttercream).

June 8, 2010

another cake for Brian

We made another cake for the pie shop next door to my work.  The cake was vanilla velvet with chocolate buttercream and fudgey-chocolate cream filling.  

June 5, 2010

A few cupcakes

This week I had the privilege of teaching a cupcake class for the first time at the store because the normal instructor was unable to.  I had never taken the class before, so I was a little unsure of how it would go.  They all said they really enjoyed it and the cupcakes turned out really cute...here are the ones I demoed in class and then the students took my example and did their own:

Also, this weekend I had an order for a lady from my church for cupcakes for a bridal shower she was hosting for her niece.  The brides colors are raspberry and teal, and the flavors she chose for the cupcakes were triple chocolate cake with cookies n' cream filling and vanilla velvet cake with raspberry filling.  The raspberry filling was wonderful...we absolutely loved it!  Kathy, I hope you enjoyed the shower and the cupcakes were loved by all!