Client Comments

Annalisa Lung made a groom's cake for our wedding reception in August of 2008. Even though she is my sister and was an integral part of our wedding already, she so willingly created an amazing cake for our special day. In brainstorming she asked some narrowing questions like what does John enjoy doing and what does he fill his spare time with. Since making a road bike was out of the question (she was my matron-of-honour and this cake would already fill a lot of time), I thought a board game would be fun.  But which one was really the question, as my husband is an avid board-gamer.
    Chinese checkers was not only a cute idea in my mind, but one that John cherishes in memory as a game he shared with his late Grandma.
    With the help of her husband, Matt, Anna created the most perfect groom's cake: a chinese checker board!  John did not know what the cake was going to look like on our special day, just that Anna was making one for him. It served as a wonderful surprise for the groom and an excellent source for fun candids mid-reception. And I must mention, the carrot-cake tasted amazing!

        -Julianna Taylor, Missouri

    SO TASTY and BEAUTIFUL! We both loved the cake so was perfect. Whenever people see a picture of our wedding cake, they give complements on how pretty it looked. People came up to us at the wedding (and even after) saying how delicious the different flavors were. Thanks Anna and Matt!

        -Lindsay Nied, California

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