February 16, 2009

My First Cake Tasting

A few posts ago I showed a few pictures of a couple that I made an engagement cake for, Brandon and Kim.  They were up in this area for the holiday weekend, and asked me to make their wedding cake, and I am SUPER excited!  Since they were not completely positive about cake flavors (they knew they wanted to have the cake that I made for the engagement), I decided to do a cake tasting for them.  We did 5 different flavors of cake and 4 different fillings for them to pair with the cake.  I made 50 mini cupcakes, so they got 10 of each flavor.  The cake flavors were  chocolate, vanilla, yellow, carrot and spice, and the filling flavors were bavarian cream, fresh strawberry, chocolate mouse, and mocha mouse.  They were all delicious, but the mocha was amazing!  They will be making their decision soon on the flavors, and their wedding is coming up in May.  Can't wait to do you cake, and for you 2 to finally be married...yea!!

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