May 16, 2010

a massive amount of cupcakes!!

We had three events this weekend for a total of 484 cupcakes. 54 cupcakes went to a women's brunch Saturday morning, 120 mini cupcakes were delivered to a wedding reception in Walnut Creek, and 300 were delivered to a wedding in Oakdale. The first cupcakes were triple chocolate with cookies n' cream filling, and vanilla with strawberry filling and both frosted with vanilla buttercream, and I made lavender and pink fondant daisies to go on each. The second order had 4 different flavors: german chocolate, strawberry lemonade, carrot, and vanilla. All were frosted with vanilla buttercream, except the german chocolate, and they each had a gumpaste flower on top. The final batch were half triple chocolate and half vanilla, frosted with vanilla buttercream and each one had a crystalized viola on top.

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