June 5, 2010

A few cupcakes

This week I had the privilege of teaching a cupcake class for the first time at the store because the normal instructor was unable to.  I had never taken the class before, so I was a little unsure of how it would go.  They all said they really enjoyed it and the cupcakes turned out really cute...here are the ones I demoed in class and then the students took my example and did their own:

Also, this weekend I had an order for a lady from my church for cupcakes for a bridal shower she was hosting for her niece.  The brides colors are raspberry and teal, and the flavors she chose for the cupcakes were triple chocolate cake with cookies n' cream filling and vanilla velvet cake with raspberry filling.  The raspberry filling was wonderful...we absolutely loved it!  Kathy, I hope you enjoyed the shower and the cupcakes were loved by all!

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Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

Can I just say WOWSERS! These are all beautiful! Please link some of these up too! LOVE IT!