July 31, 2011

Cake tastings and apple pie!

I love to meet with brides to talk about their cakes, and I definitely love giving them samples of what they may have at their wedding.  One of the best parts of these little get togethers is that you get to eat cake (or pie), and who doesn't want to eat lots of cake!  For tastings I don't make whole cakes, I make cupcakes in each of the flavors you want to try, and give you bowls of each of the fillings you want to try, that way you can pair cakes with fillings that I may not have done, creating your own wedding cake flavor.  I love doing tastings this way, I feel it makes it more personal, and gives you more choices (you get to choose 4 cake flavors and 4 filing flavors) so you get the cake you want.  
I have a wedding coming up in September that will consist of a small cutting cake and 250+ mini apple pies.  To get a feel of how they would look (and taste, obviously), I made samples for the bride and her family to try and make sure they LOVED them..they did!  Mini apple pies are $2.50 a piece, (minimum of ten ordered), and they are the same size as a regular cupcake, but the edges are fluted to give them even more of a rustic look.  These would be a great option to add to your dessert bar, have as your main dessert , or just to have in your freezer to microwave when you need something sweet, think with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!  Here are some pictures to get your mouth watering!!


Shoomie Occasions said...

Oh yum!! LOVE the mini apple pies!!

Joanne Kent said...

These little pies look beautiful!

Wedding Cake Flavors said...

Yummy..........Something different. I like this idea. Nice photos.I think this is new kind flavor.